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Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 44343315
Closing Date 15 - Jun - 2021  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of various chemicals, lab items, glassware and other miscellaneous items for use at pcc lab gladni narwal, sodium hydroxide pellets, sulphanilamide, sodium arsenate, sulphamic acid, ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid (edta), sodium chloride, formaldehyde sol., hydrogen peroxide30%, mercuric chloride, needa. (naphthyl ethylene di-amine, dihydrodichloride ), pararosaline, hydrochloric acid, ortho-phosphoric acid. 85%, silicon oil for pm2.5 monitoring., silica gel, filter paper, thimble, filter paper, adhesive slips, misc.lab items, tissue roll, electric wire, extensions boards, glassware, pipette 5ml/10ml, volumetric flask 25,50,100,500ml, measuring cylinder 10ml, measuring cylinder 20ml, funnel 50,100ml, chemicals for water laboratory, acetone (2.5 ltr), 1 amino-2-naphthol-4-sulphonic acid (100, aluminum hydroxide (250 gm), ammonium acetate(500 gm), ammonium molybdate (100 gm), ammonia sol (500 ml), ammonium ferrous sulphate (500 gm), ammonium chloride(500gm), ammonium sulphite (500gm), antimony powder (500 gm), acetic acid(500 ml), ascorbic acid (100 gm), boric acid (500 gm), barium chloride (500 gm), calcium carbonate (500 gm), cadmium granules, calcium chloride (500 gm), carmine (5 gm), cobalt chloride(100 gm), chromo tropic acid (25 gm), citric acid, curcumine (10 gm), copper sulphate(500 gm), diethyl ether (500 ml), diphenyl amine (250 gm), erichrome black –t (25gm), edta (500 gm), ethanol (2.5 ltr), ferrous sulphate (500 gm), formaldehyde sol(500 ml), ferric chloride (500 gm), glycerol (500ml), glucose (r.g.)(500gm), glutamic acid (250 gm), hydrogen peroxide (6%,30%), hydrazine sulphate(100gm), hexamethylene tetraamine, hexane (2.5 l,500ml), isopropyl alcohol(500 gm), iodine (100 gm), iodine solution(0.05 mol/l), magnesium chloride (500 gm), magnesium sulphate (500 gm), methyl red (25 gm), mercuric sulphate (250 gm), mercuric chloride (250 gm), mercuric iodide (100 gm), murexide (25 gm), needa(250 gm), nickel nitrate (500 gm), nickel sulphate (500gm), nitric acid (500ml), silver sulphate(25 gm), oxalic acid (500 gm), 1,10 phenanthroline (5 gm), ph buffer 4.0, ph buffer 7.0, ph paper packet, phenolphthalein solution(125 ml), petroleum ether (2.5 l), potassium aluminium sulphate (500 gm), potassium chloro platinate (01 ), petroleum benzene 60-80% (500ml,2.5l), potassium dichromate (500 gm), potassium hydrogen phosphate (500 gm), potassium di-hydrogen phosphate(500 gm), potassium hydrogen phthalate (500 gm), potassium sulphate (500gm), potassium iodide (250 gm), potassium iodate (100 gm), potassium hydroxide (500gm), potassium sodium tartarate, potassium thiocyanate(500 gm), potassium phosphate (500 gm), potassium nitrate (500 gm), phosphoric acid (2.5 l) 85% (500ml /2.5 l), phenol (500 gm), hydrazine sulphate(100 gm), salicylic acid(500 gm), silver nitrate (25 gm), silver sulphate(25 gm), sodium azide (100 gm), sodium thiosulphate(500 gm), sodium chloride (500 gm), sodium nitrate (500gm), sodium silicate (500 gm), sulphuric acid(2.5 l), mercury sulphate(250 gm), sulphuric acid (500 ml), silica gel (500 gm), sodium arsenite sol (1 ltr), sodium acetate (500 gm), sodium azide (100 gm), sodium carbonate (500 gm), sodium bicarbonate (500 gm), sodium hydrogen sulphate (500 gm), sodium hydrogen phosphate (500gm), sodium flouride (500 gm), sodium nitrite (500 gm), sodium hydroxide (500 gm), sodium iodide(100 gm), sodium silicate (500 gm), sodium sulphite (500 gm), sodium oxalate (500 gm), spadns (5 gm), starch (500 gm), sulphalinimide(100 gm), triptilex iii gr (100 gm), tin chloride (100 gm), urea(500 gm), zinc acetate (500 gm), zirconyl chloride (100 gm), zinc sulphate(500 gm), glassware, amber bottles 1000 ml, buchner funnel, funnel, petridish, miscellaneous items, spatula, dropping bottles, plastic mugs a)500 ml, b) 2 litre, sampling bottles 1000 ml, burette stands with clamps, pipette stands, plastic burette(25 ml), conical flask (250 ml), masks, tong, wash bottles (500 ml), hand wash, adhesive slips a)6 cm, b) 8 cm, exalin 1 litre, filter papers nos,40,41,42, filter paper ordinary, tissue rolls, first aid kit medicines, miscelleneaous items (plastic/glassware), spatula, foreceps, container for used pipettes, brushes for cleaning glassware (several sizes)., sampling kit, gloves, masks and disposable caps, hand sanitizers. disinfectant swabs, wipes,, paraffin and freshener tissues, thumb press dispensing dropper/pasteur/pipetts, (plastic), pipette discard bin, dispenser, multipurpose labelling tape, autoclave indicator tape, polly wire pack autoclavable, 40 plates 25 mm, disposable bags plastic autoclavable, aluminium foil, permanent markers and white board, biological indicator strips of spores of geobacillus, stearothermophilus, hand protector grip, sterile l spreader, shoe covers, tool kit, blotting paper, blunt ended, beveled, stainless, steel forceps, first-aid kit, disinfectant for cleaning laboratory surfaces and, the pipette discard container, detergent for cleaning glassware and equipment,
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