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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50183840
Closing Date 09 - Jul - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of nail 63mm chequred head, battery aa alkaline1.5v lr - 6, hand hacksaw blade a250x12.5xo063x1.0 is : 2594 hs, cross cut saw, grade 3 length - 500mm, file 300mm bastared rough flat width,25mm with handle, spanner wheel 305mm af, combination side cutting pliers(insulated), jubilee clip 30mm, 100mm as per is 4762, size type a, tape measuring steel 15 meters in metalic case, portable smoke generator, lead sheet 1000 mm x 1000mm x 1 mm thick, battery 1.5 v (dry).
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50506710
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of un serviceable, damaged goods, acetylene gas cylinder, air conditioner, air oven (elec.) 18"xl8"xl8" modern egg., hotair oven (elec.) size 300mx200mx300m yorco make thermo statical controlled cat. no.yho/197, air oven (elec.), air oven elec. york make 900mmx605mmx 158mm, air oven elec., atomic absorption spectrometer (zeis), atomic varion absorption spectrometer, 10/20, 10bq (australian), aluminium trough (decchi), ammeter, ac/dc 30-65 amp, balance , single pan ke-roy make electrical, balance chemical balance glass case model no. 12, balance k roy balance mono pan capacity loogm, balance air damp with short triangular beam & circular arragement model no. 1-c, balance (counter pan), balance (air damp) type model no.-l-c (chainometric double pan), balance (chemical balance) k. roy model-7 chainometric, balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance single pan (elec.) model wp-33 poland make, with wt. box, balance gold assay (elec.) dhona make, dhona-da-10, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, 3alance single pan (elec.) k-7, balance single pan (elec.) model no.m-5 ke roy, balance mono pan k-ray capacity-loogm, balance electric analytical micro process baqlance anamed make model-fab-2200, si. no.900057, balance micro process balance anamed make model- -ab-2200 si. no.-90062, balance electric analytical micro process balance anamed make model-fab-2200 si. no.-900063, balance -rough weighing balance capacity-2 kg, balance single pan balance (elec.) k-roy 100 gm capacity model no.m.5 sensitivity-0.5gm, balance single pan balance (elec.) dhona make capacity- loogm sensitivity-0. igm model no.da-100, balance counter pan weigning machine 2 kg capacity, balance spring balance 100kg capacity, balance weighing machine platform type capacity-50kg to 100ke, balance type saler balance dial type capacity-10kg, balance top pan balance k. roy capacity-looogm, model-1- ktp 1000 (super), balance top pan (elec.) atco digital 2 kg. capacity, burette clamp , iron, burette clamp (double) fisher type, burette clamp (single), cal gas sotve, canteen stove, cal gas sotve, double burner, cal gas stove (delux double burner) calssic, calculator, enamelled mug, enamel mug, enamel bucket, enamelled bucket, enamelled buckets with lids (small), enamelled buckets without lids, enamelled bucket 7 lit. capacity (25cm) with lids, enamelled bucket, enamelled bucket with lid, fibre tape, i00730mtr., fibre tape, 50715 mtr., filtration stand (wooden double), fume cup boai'd-4’x2'x6.5’ lt., furnace-muffle furnace with pyrometer, furance crucible furance, furance 0 kay ht furance platform model, furance-0 kay muffle furnace, furance-0 kay muffle furnace bench model, g.i. bucket 14" size ( monkey), g.i. dram round capacity 100 ltr., g.i. dram round capacity 200 ltr., dand centrifuge with 2 tubs, hot air oven, electrical, hot air oven, hot plate with 3 heat rotary switch, hot plate, iron morter, ice box, jarkin , 20 ltr. capacity, lock & key ( 5 liver), liquider with grinder, magesntic strirer, platinum tip tong, refractory plug, stainless steel tape, test tube brush, test tube holder (wooden handle), test tube stand, theromo flask / vaccum flask, tripod stand, water bath 36 cm x 25 cm, wall clock, water filter, wire guage, plain asbestors centre, syntex water reservior 500 itr. capacity, anvil hammer big size, anvil hammer medium size, anvil hammer small size, analytical fractional weight box, auto clave 50x30 cm with stell boiler, balance (sailer spring 10kg capacity), balance pan - big & small, belcha, bunsen burner, bunsen burner -electrical, bench vice 10 kg wt., camical balance double pan, cast iron boulds, cement injection 10 kg capacitor, communicator 4 way plug type, constituent counter york make, conductivity bridge - electromeat, cone ponetrometer liquid limit devied, copper flask, colour dish - ammnia, colour dish -chlorini, clamp, crober (sabal) -5' length, cooling incubator, distillation - plant steel body electrical, disolved oxygen meter without electrode systronic made, double pan physical balance, energy meter or electric meter, electric stirrer (remi), electromatic sepaarter, energy regulator -sunvice, filter pump (superfit), fire extinguisher (empty), g.i. tray - 3,x2'x4", graphite crucible - 18"x18"x4", grease gun, gas cromatograph -model qc+dfdtp, gas flow meter (york make), generator-sriram honda egk-2000, glass electrode for ph meter, glass cutting pencil (diamond pointed), h.t. siliminite tube for ok furnace, hydrometer, h.p. industrial oxygen gas cylinder, iron crucible-50 ml, iron ring for fusion (retort ring), incubator - 60cmx60cmx60cm, inden gas cylinder, kateri with wooden handle, liquider with grinder, lovibond comparater, magnetic stirrer, mober magnesia, m.p.e jaw for jaw crusher, mono block suction tulu pump (water pump) 0.5 hp, metal wineed tap -30 mtr. / 100 fut., micro polishing
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50506710
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of un serviceable, damaged goods, aimirah steel aimirah, almirah wooden almirah with ordinary, steel almirah size-52"x30"x17", basin stand, chair armless chair (standard), chair armless chair with plastic canned, cane chair with arm, chair steel chair sqr. size both scat & back side, chair steel chair s-type sqr. size cane gotting, chair steel floding chair, steel chair (square type), drawing board fitted with 3’x' (48 pegs), drawing board 3'x3', fume cup-board 4’x2'6", ladder m.s ladder 15.5' length 4.2* length width made of 50x50x5mm size angle frame 25x25mm sqr. bore steps with one side handle for bore made of m.s. pipe supported bv m.s. rod, painting name plate & site plate, name plate, stool (small), stool (small), stool (heigh) slightly sloping top-16"x12"x3", stool (revolving stool), stool working revolving stool (steel), stool stool with trapazoid top, stool wooden stool, rack wooden rack, rack steel rack 78"x54"x24", rack steel rack with 3 shelves length -imtr. width-50mm, height-75 cm, table balance table made of teak wood 3'x2(l/2)'xl/2', table balance table 3’x2(l/2)'xl/2', table 6'x4'x2'6" one cap board with 2 shelves +3 drawer, one writing plate, table dispenssing table 8x5x3’, table dispenssing table, table 5x2'6,x2,6", table dispenssing table 4’6’x2'6'x3', table executive table steel & wooden with 3 drawers & cup board & sanmika top, table executive table with one side 3 drawers & cup board & sanmika top, table (microscopr table), table plain table 6x3x3' top-1 (1/2)' thich asbestos sheet, table plain table 6(1/2)x2(1/2)x3’, table plain table 4x2x2’6,, top-3/4", table steel table steel ex-table wooden ex-table size- 54"x30'x, table oridinary table, table sample making table 6x3x3' made up of sal wood, table side working table 10x2'6"x2'6'' cap boards 2 drawers reagent racks, table working table, table working table 10x5x3', table working table 8x3x3' top 1/2" thick, table working table, table washup table, table hot plate table size-3,x2,6"x2,6", table size-60"x36"x30", what nut, wooden box 4'x2'x2', arsenic appratus, arsenic appratus (gutzet appratus), aspirator bottle -5 itrs. capacity, beaker, conical flask, conical flask - 2000 ml, culture tube -200x25 mm, centri fuse tube -50ml, descicator-110 mm (4.4"), descicator - 6" dia, descicator - 9" sigcol, descicator, descicator - 8" dia, distillation apparatus j.s.g.w. with metalicstand, automatic electrically), distillation apparatus flat bottom flask 2 ltrs. capacity, joint, distillation flask - 250 ml, distillation flask - 500 ml, distillation flask - 1000 ml with side tube, double distilling apparatus - vensil make, filtering flask - 500 ml, filtering flask - 100 ml (side tube), fiat bottom distillation flask with side tube 100mm, coil condenser 200mm & stopper, funnel bucker , giass plates, glass sintered funnel, glass basin (trogh) - 8" dia with flat bottom, glass sintered crucible,g-4 (30 ml), glass sintered crucible,g-3 (30 cc) (gooch crucible), glass morter & pestle-3" dia, glass trough - size8"x4" & 10"x5m, keep's appratus - 500 cc, keep's appratus - 1000 cc, kjeldha’s flask (pyrex), kjeldha's appratus for 3 units with carry regualtor, leibig condenser - 6" (200mm), leibig condenser - 18" (300mm), leibig condenser - 24" (400mm), measuring cylinder 5 ml, nessler's tube corning / borosil 100, reagent bottle 2000 ml, spare for vensil brand double distillation water (boiling chamber), spare for vensil brand double distillation still, spare for vensil brand double distillation still (condenser vith b-34 cone, spare for vensil brand double distillation still (constant evel device with b-19 cone), separating funnel 100 cc, separating funnel 125 cc, separating funnel 250 cc, separating funnel 500 cc, volumetric flask - 5 ml, volumetric flask -10 ml, volumetric flask - 25 ml, watch glass, wooden stand (for vensil brand double distillation still), burette a class 50 cc with ptee stopper, burette 100 ml vensil, burette 100 ml class a, vensil, pipette volumetric 10 ml borosil, pipette volumetric 50 ml borosil, burette 2 mi (asgi, borosil, coming), burette 25 mi b-class (corning/borosil/sigcol), burette 50cc vensil/sigcol/brosil/asge, pipette 1ml graduated, pipette 5ml graduated, pipette 10ml graduated, pipette 50ml (corning/borosil/asgi) volumetric / other, pipette volumetric 25 ml, pipette volumetric 25 ml (borosil, vlicropipette 1ml graduated, microburette 2 ml, test tube 200x25 mm (60ml), test tube 150x18 mm with and without rim, test tube 150x15 mm, culture tube 5 ml cap (75x15 mm), test tube with screw cap (200x25 mm) 60 ml, test tube graduated 25 ml (150x18 mm), funnel, dropping bottle 12ml+60ml+30ml, dropping bottle 30 ml, bod bottles 300ml borosil, glass rod (15x0.5cm), washing bottle 500ml with jet, glass rod (7 x 205 mm), dropping bottle 120 ml, wash bottle 250 ml tarson / ordinary, wash bottle 500 ml (tarson), burette transparent 50 ml, ploythene pipe, polythene pipe (1/4" dia) 6 mm, polythene pipe (3/4" dia) 19 mm, tube connect
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50506710
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of un serviceable, damaged goods, filtering flask with side tube1000 miborosil / corning, ^[ljjdcloil xidole who muc ludczul/u 111 1x301 us 11 / v^olllin^, distillation flask with side tube 250 ml, distillation flask with side tube 500 ml, reagent bottle 125 ml, reagent bottle 75 ml, distillation flask with side tube 1000 ml, reagent bottle250 ml-borosil, reagent bottle250 ml-corning, flat bottom flask 250 ml, reagent bottle 30 ml, reagent bottle 60 ml, flat bottom flask500 ml-hitech, flat bottom flaskl 000 mlcorning / borosil/ sigcol, volumetric flask 5 ml-sigcol, volumetric flaskl 0 mlcorning /borosil/ sigcol, specimen tube 6"x1", specimen tube 4"x 1", volumetric flask 2000 ml, test tube with riml 50mmx25mm, culture tubel25mmx65mm, test tube 150mmx 15mmgraduated, funnel2" /50mm dia, funnelb1' /150mm dia shor tstem corning, runnel 10" /250mm dia short stem coming, glass sihtered funnel 4" dia corning, separating funnel 50 ml, separating funnel 50 ml, separating funnel 100 ml ptee plug control shape / with, others type, tube, leibeg condenser 300 ml, leibeg condenser400 ml/425 ml, leibeg condenser 445 ml, leibeg condenser 500 ml, distillation apparatus f.b. flask set completed with 30, condser, droping bottle60 ml with rubber droper, keeps apparatus 1000 cc-corning, kes 500 cc, aspirators bottle 10 ltr., basin8'7200mm flat bottom, glass tube, glass sinted tube, glass tube with one bulb for calcium chloride, galss mortar & pestle 3" dia, glass meter & pestle4" dia, glass sinted crucibleg-4-0cc gooch crucible, centrifuse tube 50 ml, dish evaporating200 x 100 mmcorning/ borosil, dish for crystalisation i50x75mm, dish for evaporatingl05x65mm/i05x55mm, dish evaporatingb0x45mm, funnel buckner55 mm-porcelain, funnel buckner70 mm-porcelain, funnel buckner90x80 mm-porcelain, gas washing bottlelooo ml, gas washing bottlesoo ml, gas washing bottle250 ml, kjeldha’s flask 500 ml, kjeldha's flask 250 ml, filter pump universal pattern corning/pyrex, petridish 4" size, retort without stopper, stop cock glass ordinary/corning, specimen bottlehomeopathic homeophiles, u-tube pyrex, weighing bottle50x25 mm, weighing bottle40 x 20mm/ 45 x 20mm, weighing bottle60 x 30mm, specific gravity bottle25 ml, glass lid infusil ifq-vmy, funnel 50mm dia (5cm), funnel 75mm dia (7.5cm), funnel 100mm dia (10cm), beaker measuring tpx60ml, beaker cover75 mm dia polythene, slide rack for 100 slides, test tube stand 3 tire 2.5 cm dia, easy tube connector, pipette stand rackvertical & horizontal, specimen tube polythene, teflan beaker cover, etc.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 50084956
Closing Date 28 - Jun - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of procurement of lead pig ingot grade 99.99% etc #*. lead pig ingot grade 99.99% soft to is : 27/1992 or latest.
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